EDSTAR Analytics, Inc.®, is a woman-owned, private firm specializing in providing infrastructure resources, program management leadership, professional development, and building collaborative relationships to implement programs that require fundamental change. We clarify stakeholders’ understanding about the relationships between the project's strategies, interim outcomes, and long-term impacts.

EDSTAR Analytics, Inc. staff have over 20 years experience working with school system data, and nearly a decade of experience helping school systems move from traditional operations to using 21st century tools and data-driven systems. Our most recent innovations have included introducing online learning to schools and evaluating programs which are using online learning, including virtual classrooms, virtual field trips, and videoconferencing with people around the world. Our experience evaluating programs, identifying effective practices, and helping School Improvement Teams has helped us develop resources and support that build capacity to improve teacher effectiveness and, ultimately, student outcomes. We have developed collaborative relationships with educational leaders and experts, which we find are critical when implementing programs that require specific experience and expertise.


EDSTAR Analytics has conducted state-wide and school district needs assessments for online learning, and built the capacity of out-of-school programs to use blended learning resources. EDSTAR Analytics has evaluated the NC Dropout Prevention programs, and identified the best models for using online learning for credit recovery. Additionally, EDSTAR Analytics has evaluated grant-funded programs that supported educators developing and learning to use technology in their classrooms.