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Are you a school system, non-profit agency, or an institute of higher education that needs help using data, documenting effecissuetiveness, identifying research-based practices, and supporting staff with these skills? EDSTAR Analytics, Inc. staff have 20+ years of experience helping clients, primarily in K-12 and higher education, with high quality program evaluations and accountability reports. These decades of experience together with our statistics and data-handling skills uniquely qualify us for 21st century program accountability.


to see one of our interactive Data Dashboards.

We have experienced the changing culture in education and accountability and are uniquely qualified to help school systems, higher education departments, and non-profits develop an infrastructure for operating in a data-driven way, using research-based practices, and aligning services and opportunities for the best outcomes.

We have been helping School Improvement Teams, School Counselors, and Grant-Program managers use data to support individuals for success and measure outcomes for more than two decades. We helped the innovators in education who could see that the 21st century called for using data to treat students as individuals, and support all students for the same learning goals. Now, education reforms have caught up with the innovative leaders.

Our services include helping to write grant proposals, evaluating grant-funded programs, setting up infrastructure for moving into a data-driven framework, and professional develop customized for an issue, such as increasing STEM success, Family Involvement, or improving literacy. Our professional development is supported by online toolkits of resources for educators to use throughout the year as they implement research-based data-driven plans. Our resources are multidimensional as illustrated by the EDSTAR Analyatics Radial.

We help school systems use data to identify students with high academic potential who have fallen through the cracks, advocate to get them into advanced courses, and support them for success. This has resulted in closing or narrowing achievement gaps in one or two years. We teach how to advocate for equity using data.

Our years of experience helping educators understand data, and our skills with data are unique in education. We create Data-Visualization Dashboards to help educators see the relationships between outcomes and what the data say students need. These are easy to use and unlike anything educators have had in the past. The following example is one of our interactive dashboards that help educators visualize the relationship between student needs, opportunities and services, and suspension events, dropout rates, success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and college going culture.